Wellness Class

Wellness & Exercise

Click here to download a list of exercise programs in your area.

Wellness Program at NPFH

The Wellness Program occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am to 1:30pm year round in our office. Attendees participate in one hour of seated exercise, followed by lunch and games. Caregivers are encouraged to use this time for respite.

10:30am - 11:30am: Seated Exercise
11:30am - Noon: Lunch ($5 donation suggested)
Noon - 1:30pm: Social Activities/Games

The Wellness Program is FREE.


The Nintendo Wii game station simulates various sports activities that can improve balance, coordination, reflexes and strength in an entertaining way. The Wii is located at the NPFH office.


The Theracycle is based off of the forced exercise theory, which helps a person with Parkinson’s push through their daily exercise with a motorized stationary bike that allows a full body workout to maintain strength and balance. The Theracycle is located at the NPFH office.


Dance for PD

On Mondays, Dance for PD meets in the NPFH office from 11:00am to noon. This class if FREE.

Seated Exercise Class

On Wednesdays, a seated exercise class meets in the NPFH office from 10:30am to 11:30am. This class if FREE.



For people with Parkinson’s, exercise is not only healthy, but a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility and daily living activities.

Benefits of exercise:

  • Symptom management. Research has shown that exercise can improve gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, grip strength and motor coordination.
  • Possibly slowing disease progression. There is a strong consensus among physicians and physical therapists that improved mobility decreases the risk of falls and some other complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Click here to download a list of exercise programs in your area.

PD Friendly Exercise Instructors

People with Parkinson’s need Insturctors who understand the needs of people living with the symptoms and progression of this disease.

NPF Heartland Chapter has developed the PD Friendly Program to teach instuctors the things to be aware of when working with these individuals.